Sunday, March 6, 2011

Use Your Blinker

Use your thinker and use your blinker,
like you know you always should!
Do you know what might happen if you don't?
Well, let's think about what could...

You might be traveling from the north to the south,
and end up with some windshield, right in your mouth!

Or perhaps while driving from east to west,
you could find an airbag in your face and chest.

Maybe if you were driving from west to east,
you might just swallow a mouth full of teeth!

Worse yet you could be slowing to turn,
and in a firey explosion BURN!

Someone behind you without any clue,
could slam on the breaks and run right into you!


Perhaps while turning from left to right
you find youself with quite a fright

When you open your eyes to take in the sight
and find your inside St. Vincent's "life flight"


You could choose to polite,
weather it's day or if it is night

when you only pause long enough to think
"before I turn here, perhaps I'd beter "blink""

So please be considderate of others,
If you're driving all alone or carpooling your brothers.

For you may save someone some pain or grief and that someone may be you,
so THINK before you ACT, yes THINK before you DO.

Now I'm sure there will always be stinkers,
who opt not to using their blinkers,

so please don't be surprised to find
that I get just a little peace of mind

When I blow on my horn and carry a smirk
while I yell out the window,

Kim Rosales copyright 2001


  1. This is probably one of my favorite of you poems Mom it's awesome!!!

  2. Nice poem and very informative, thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes lovely poem.Thanks for sharing.