Tuesday, March 1, 2011

As the Mighty Eagle soars above, she looks with great intent.
She must find some food for the younger ones, from which she has been sent.
Though foe may try to stop her and conditions must be right,
She will not quit, she must not quit, if it takes her half the night.
For she knows that this great task, is hers from the creator.
To provide food for her young, with patience like her made her.

With diligence she seeks and finds, and takes it to her nest.
And then she settles down again, to gain strength from her rest.
This mother eagle reminds me, of a special man in my life.
He was my protector and provider, before I was a wife.
See when I was weak and vulnerable, he went so willingly.
He toiled and worked hard for his young, and paved the way for me.
This man I speak of freely is my father and my friend,
I love him very, very much, and am indebted till the end.

copyright Kim Rosales 2003

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