Monday, February 28, 2011


We cross the threshold of the birth canal,
and enter the place of lights.
Leaving behind our dark, safe world.

We cross the threshold of infancy,
and enter the place of childish imagination,
Leaving our sole dependacy on others behind.

We cross the threshold of innocence,
and enter a world of pimples and uncertainty
Leaving behind a naivety that can never be regained.

We cross the threshold of teenage exploration,
and enter trhe world of bills,
broken hearts and blame games.
Leaving behind the world of boys, bullies, blonds and books.

We cross the threshold of regret,
and enter a place of memories past.
Leaving behind some shattered dreams, and disappointments,
and we settle for what we've become.

We cross our final threshold when we least expect it,
into a world of eternal significance.
Where we will forever face the consequences of our everyday choices.
Leaving behind ALL that we have ever known.

copyright Kim Rosales 2006